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Dear Gary,I have a Beatles album ‘Please Please Me’ that was bought in the 1960’s. I have seen some Beatles records fetching a lot of money on the internet. How do I tell if my album is valuable?
Thanks, Tony
Dear Tony,
Thank you for your email.
The most valuable copy of ‘Please Please Me’ at the moment is a very rare second Stereo pressing, Catalogue no. PCS3042 with a gold Parlophone label and the stamp 1G/1R. There are 5 times less copies of the 2nd pressing than the first pressing as the label was changed to the yellow and black label very quickly. This record in excellent condition recently sold for £5700! A first Stereo pressing sold for £1300.
You can pick up a mass produced copy of this album for £12 – 15.
Hi Gary
Could you please give me any information about this china fish we have and has it any value. It is in good condition.
Mrs X.
Dear Mrs. X,
This model of a trout is part of a series made by Beswick.
In 1892 James Wright Beswick started the family business in Longton, Stoke- on –Trent. They produced thousands of collectable animals such as dogs, cats, farmyard animals and horses.
In 1948 Beswick received the right to reproduce figures from Beatrix Potter books and in 1952 they produced their Disney range including Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh figures.
Your model of a trout is quite desirable and would sell between £120-150.
Dear Gary
I have the books below and wondered if they would be worth anything and if so where to sell them!
Many thanks, Karen Bourke
Dear Karen,
Thank you for your email.
When valuing books, the most important things to look for are edition and condition.
Although none of your books are first editions, they are very interesting and worthwhile reading.
Some of your books have foxing on the pages, which is an age-related process of deterioration that caused spots and browning on old paper. This devalues the book.
Unfortunately you can pick up these books very cheaply and the whole lot would probably fetch under £50 at auction.
Hi Gary,
I’ve a couple of things I need help to identify with.
The yellow plate I can’t find the maker online. The mark looks like legs with football boots on end.
The box with map on. I know the map is famous. The original one is displayed in the Leeds Museum but is this an original it does not look copied.
This thick looking jug looks plain enough but it has a date engraved within the glass which reads 1415 (gulp!) but I cannot read what the maker is. I can only make out PI – E or C and AD—–. Is it that old because the glass is very thick (and quite ugly).
Hi and thank you for your enquiries.
Your box with map is almost certainly a reproduction and therefore is not worth a great deal.
Your glass jug is most definitely not from 1415 – that is a model number not the date! Unfortunately that is also worth very little.
Your yellow cheese dish with mouse is made by Bassano Potteries in Italy. This is an area in Italy (like Capo di Monte) that made lots of pottery and exported much of it to the UK in the 1960’s and 70’s. Its popularity has dropped recently and you can pick up a cheese dish like this for around £10.
Dear Gary,
I have a pixie figure made by Shelley. Is it worth anything. It has been in our family since I can remember.
Thank you, Marie
Dear Marie,
Thank you for your email and photo of your little pixie figure. These figures were produced by Shelley potteries from 1926, and designed by Mabel Lucie Atwell. She designed six scenes involving children, animals and small green elves in green suits. These were called ‘Boo Boos’ and used on cups, mugs and bowls etc. The response to this range of nursery ware was enthusiastic and from 1937 she introduced a series of children figures, followed by a series of small elves in various poses.
Shelley and Atwell continued to produce these designs until the 1960’s and they were very popular.
Your little pixie or elf figure should sell in the region of £100 – 150.

You may be sat on a treasure trove! It is often the items that you think are worthless that can turn out to be the most valuable.
Not sure? Then send an email to antiques@yorkshirereporter.co.uk. I will answer everyone.
Look forward to valuing for you
Gary Don

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