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The Swaledale Festival, an annual celebration of music, arts, and community spirit, is poised to grace the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire once again. From May 25th to June 8th, this award-winning festival invites locals, visitors, and music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a fortnight of cultural delights.

What Awaits You:

● Musical Marvels: Prepare for a harmonious feast! The festival lineup features a diverse array of musicians and artists from Yorkshire, across the UK, and around the world. From classical ensembles to contemporary acts, there’s something for every discerning ear.

● Hands-On Experiences: Beyond concerts, the festival offers workshops, walks, and craft demonstrations. Dive into the creative process, explore the landscape, and engage with themes like climate change.

● Wandering Minstrels: The festival’s outreach programme continues to flourish.

● Cultural Exchange: Richmond School students venture to Germany for a joint concert with Bammental School pupils. It’s a cross-cultural musical dialogue that enriches hearts and minds.

Noteworthy Highlights:

Week 1:

● Echo Vocal Ensemble

● The Jeremiahs

● Ganda Boys

● London Tango Quintet

● Comedian Rich Hall

● AKA Trio

Week 2:

● Martin Taylor

● Will Pound and Delia Stevens

● Brodsky Quartet

● John Law and Jon Lloyd

● Emma Johnson

● Graffiti Classics

● The Young’uns

● Richmond School Jazz Collective

Why Attend?

● Local Flavour: Swaledale’s chapels, churches, halls, and outdoor spaces host fifty-five events. It’s a chance to celebrate Yorkshire’s cultural richness.

● Inspired by Nature: Reflect on the environment within the iconic setting of a precious National Park.

● World-Class Patrons: Welcome Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason and Ronnie Archer-Morgan, esteemed Festival Patrons.

Join the Swaledale Festival 2024. Let music weave its magic amidst rolling hills and historic venues.

For more details and booking information, visit www.swalefest.org

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