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Hi Gary

Wondering if you could help me, I was left a piece of Lladro when my mother died 8 years ago, she had this piece for a long time.

Could you tell me how old it is and anything about it. Value??

It is about 10″ (250mm) tall of a lady sat in chair doing cross stitch, on the base, it has a number 12 stamped on it.

I would be very grateful of anything you can tell me about it.

Thank you

The famous Lladro company was started by three brothers in 1953. They lived in a village called Almassers, very close to Valencia in Spain. From these tiny beginnings, they built up a world recognised brand. This Lladro figure is called ‘INSULAR EMBROIDERESS’. It was designed by Salvador Furio and manufactured between1974-1994.

Today, like a lot of other collectables which are not appealing to the younger generation, their  popularity has declined which is reflected in the value.

One of these sold in an auction in London last week for £40.

Hi Gary

I picked up this Rolex watch at a table top sale. The hands are loose and it’s showing signs of wear. Do you think it’s genuine and worth anything?

Regards Monica Colley

Dear Monica,

Sorry, but I don’t like anything about this watch. Rolex is the one of the most faked and copied makes of watches. I have seen Rolex fakes offered on holidays abroad for as little as £5. The hands, winder and writing do not look the quality of a real Rolex. Obviously I would need to see the watch to confirm my opinion, but from your photo it appears to be a copy.

You would also need the original paperwork and box to sell a good watch these days.

You would have been very lucky to have found a genuine Rolex at a table top sale!

Dear Gary,

I have an original poster from my grandfather who worked at a cinema. It is from the James Bond movie ‘You Only Live Twice’.  It is in good condition. Is there a market for it?

Thank you,


Dear Sarah,

Film and music posters are very popular these days and some can fetch a lot of money.

You did not send an image of yours, but I have found one of an original poster from that film.

James Bond films are very desirable and providing that yours is an original one from the cinema, it could sell for £1200 – 1800, subject to condition.

Hi Gary, I have a Lego set in excellent condition.

It doesn’t look like it has been played with. I wondered if it was worth much?

Thank you Peter

Dear Peter,

This Lego Star Wars set is quite rare.  Lego is highly collectable at the moment and we are achieving excellent prices at auction for it.

The Lego Group from Denmark began manufacturing the interlocking toy bricks in 1949. Lego pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct objects, vehicles, buildings and working robots. Anything constructed can be taken apart again and remade into something else. It has remained an extremely popular toy over the years and has featured in movies, games and 6 Legoland amusement parks. As of July 2015, 600 billion Lego parts had been produced, and it replaced Ferrari as the ‘world’s most powerful brand’!

Subject to it being complete and in excellent condition, it wouldn’t surprise me if it sold in excess of £300.

Dear Gary

My sister-in-law recently found the attached in her possessions, but can’t remember where she got it from, and has no clue as to what it may be.

I have taken it to various collectable centres in Doncaster, Sheffield and Chesterfield and no-one seems to recognise it.

Any ideas, please?

Barry Frederick

Dear Barry,

This is an interesting item that I have not seen before. It is shaped as a tweezer with a ball on one end fitted through a hole. I have done quite a bit of research for you and my opinion is that it is a 20th century tool used in distilling or part of a distillery. It is not very valuable and probably only worth about £10, but a real piece of history. A museum distillery may be able to tell you more.

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