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Armley boxer Joshua Wisher promises that in 2023 he’ll prove himself the major Yorkshire contender at middleweight for British and international titles. Boxing at Elland Road with Mark Bateson Promotions the former twice Yorkshire amateur champion decisively won his first three professional bouts last year.

“It’s all about improvement” said Wisher, 24, ‘like learning to read my opponent and exploit weakness to get the win. I’m grateful to my manager Mark Bateson for arranging challenging bouts and to my dad Phil for coaching me to win.”

Last September Wisher became manager at a new Armley gym ‘The Ministry of Boxing’. “It’s gone well. Up to a hundred people attend weekly with groups for women, children and teenagers and ‘tiny tots’. Helping people improve general fitness through boxing skills is what I’m best at.  Boxing is an excellent way to improve mental health and social skills” maintains Wisher.

Wisher is keen for ‘The Ministry’ to be at the heart of the Armley community. He explained, “we held a Boxathon for Children in Need raising £310 and I’m planning to get more involved in regular charity work and am open to suggestions as to how ‘The Ministry’ can do more locally.”

Wisher hopes that he’ll soon be having longer more challenging fights at venues like Leeds Arena. “I’m competitive, ambitious and successful. My dream is being world champion but I’m aiming now for national titles. I’ve won three pro bouts against experienced opponents convincingly. I enjoy the training, the atmosphere at shows, proving just what I’m made of in the fight. I’m buzzing when I show how well I can handle myself, find the courage needed and win.”

‘The Truth’ is Wisher’s boxing moniker and is rooted in his Christian faith. “The truth about Christ sets me free spiritually but boxing can set a person free mentally and physically” explained Wisher. “Too many still have a negative image of boxing, but it appeals to a wide range of people and most boxers get on well with everything possible done to ensure our safety. If you’ve never been to a boxing event please come to our next show at Elland Road on 4th March. I promise you an exhilarating match as I prove I have the skill, strength, determination and courage needed to get to the top.  Entertaining and rewarding the many who believe in me makes it worthwhile because boxing makes both boxers and fans feel better about life.” 

Wisher is keen to invite local people to invest in his potential through sponsorship. “I’ve got a few sponsors but would be grateful for more to develop my career” said Josh who is best contacted via his Facebook blog Joshwisherboxing.

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