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An online children and young person’s therapy service has been recognised by BusinessCloud’s MedTech 50 list, for its pioneering work delivering innovative, accessible support.

Leeds-based Mable Therapy, which provides online counselling and speech and language therapy to schools and families, has been listed as number 19 on the prestigious list, which celebrates businesses that help to diagnose and treat health conditions. The MedTech 50 companies are chosen by readers of the online technology publication and an independent judging panel, for their use of original technology and innovation within the healthcare sector.

Since its launch in 2015, Mable Therapy has been transforming how children and young people access therapy. Speech and language therapist Martha Currie joined forces with software engineer Elliot Agro, desperate to find a solution to the archaic processes stopping children receiving much-needed therapy. 

The pair designed a custom-built video platform which enables sessions to be delivered online. The ‘Mable Deck’ allows their 60-strong team of therapists to work in new and creative ways, using the platform’s thousands of interactive activities, creative resources, games and tools to accelerate the child’s progress and improve outcomes. Gifs, emojis, text chat, drawing tools and drag and drop games are all incorporated into the therapeutic targets and tasks, making the sessions fun and engaging. Mable’s software engineers work in constant collaboration with the therapists, ensuring that all resources are developed in-line with the highest standards in clinical excellence. 

The creative opportunities aren’t the only benefit. With no travel time between schools, therapists are able to work with more children, and support is no longer limited by geography; children can access the right specialist from across the UK. The Mable Deck also improves communication. While traditional services often have huge paper trails, with reports and information taking months to be completed and shared, the Mable Deck is designed to automatically collect, collate and communicate information with schools and parents, so they’re always kept informed. 

The recognition from Medtech comes at the end of an exciting year for Mable Therapy. Global education company Pearson is now offering their service and they’re also becoming recognised nationally as experts in clinical excellence. Mable’s team have given expert advice to outlets such as the BBC, Talk Radio, the Telegraph, Metro, the Daily Mail and the Teaching Times. 

Elliot Agro, co-founder of Mable Therapy said: 

“I’m delighted that Mable Therapy has been recognised in the MedTech 50 for technology innovation. As a software engineer, I’m a firm believer that tech holds the solution to making health services more accessible and efficient. 

For the last six years, Martha and I have worked tirelessly to ensure our software is at the cutting edge of game-based, creative innovation, so that children find Mable’s therapy sessions engaging and motivating. If children are having fun, it reduces their anxiety and the sessions no longer feel like ‘work’. 

We’ve faced barriers at times. Many traditionalists believe that ‘in person’ therapy is the only way to work, despite a wealth of research proving that that’s simply not true. It’s an honour that Medtech has recognised the importance of online therapy in improving access to those who need support.” 

Martha Curried added: “I’ve always been passionate about supporting children and young people, so they’re given the chance to meet their potential. As a community speech and language therapist, I was seeing so much time wasted travelling between schools and completing endless paperwork – meanwhile children were languishing on waiting lists. 

Since starting Mable Therapy, we’ve found the solution to so many of those problems, while still delivering the highest standard of counselling and speech and language therapy. It’s our mission to spread awareness about our service, so that more children can be taken off waiting lists and given the help they need, when they need it. I’m thrilled that Medtech has recognised the good work that we’re doing and I’m grateful that they’re spreading the word so we can reach as many schools and families as possible.”

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