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Class Energy are certainly ‘first class’ when it comes to delivering renewable energy solutions for your home or business. Owner Chris Cash has always been interested in renewable energy believing it is the best solution for the environment and your pocket.

Utilising a wealth of experience in the business, including sitting on the board of the BPVA (British Photovoltaic Association) for four years, Chris set up Class Energy five years ago. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, with Chris representing Class Energy in meetings with heads of departments, at the House of Commons and at industry shows across the country. The company also ensures it stays at the forefront of technological advances by visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries where renewable energy is extremely popular and well researched.

Solar Panels

Class Energy offer many solutions to your home’s energy needs. Their most popular product is of course their LG solar panels. They use the very latest efficient solar panels alongside micro inverters in order to get the most out of your system. The micro inverters are far more efficient than the standard string inverters used in many solar panel systems. They work independently to each other which means that they need far less energy to start up. This enables your solar panels to start producing energy from far less sunlight, therefore getting a higher yield of electricity produced from your panels.

There has been much talk recently about the government ending the feed – in tariff, so if you are considering solar panels, now is the time to get them as once in, the tariff is paid to you for 20 years! The feed – in tariff works in three ways:

  1. You get paid by the government via your electricity company for every unit of energy your solar panels produce.
  2. You get to use as much as you need of the electricity your panels produce up to 100%
  3. Any electricity that you don’t use automatically goes into the national grid. The energy providers pay you for this at 50% of the total energy your panels produce.

The feed in tariff means that despite previous cuts, with the drastic reduction in the cost of solar panels since they first became available you can still make a 10% return each year!

The best thing about choosing Class Energy for your solar panels is the fact that they are monitored. Not only are you getting the very best system available on the market, but you can rest assured that should any of the panels stop working, Class Energy will be alerted and are able to quickly solve the problem as they even know which individual panel is not working without having to check them all. You also get a 20 year manufacturers guarantee with the system.

Other Products

Class Energy are able to assist you in enjoying a greener lifestyle whilst significantly reducing your energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pumps harvest low grade energy from the outdoor air and upgrade it into heat to supply your home with hot water and heating. They are an efficient method of heating your home, and you can access the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) funding which saves you even more.  They are inexpensive to run and maintain, and can reduce the CO2 emissions from your home by 30-50%.

Biomass Boilers are another green solution to providing your home energy needs. They operate in the same way as a conventional boiler but are fuelled using wood pellets rather than gas or oil. There are both manual and automatic boilers available, which means there will be one that best suits your lifestyle and your home. A biomass boiler can save you up to £600 a year compared to traditional central heating.

Energy saving windows are also available from Class Energy. They retain far more heat than standard double glazing as Class Energy deal with the efficiency of the wall they are going into too, ensuring that all is sealed effectively.

If you are interested in renewable energy, saving yourself thousands over the years in energy bills, and being safe in the knowledge you are doing your best for the environment, then why not give Class Energy a call to discuss your needs? As well as using top quality products, all the fitters are fully trained and certified to the highest levels. You can rest assured that Class Energy are at the forefront of the renewable energy business, providing the very best there is!

Class Energy – 0113 4001000   /   email:

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