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Shopping Tip No1. Buying A
Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

When it comes to watches nothing screams luxury like a Rolex. From Submariner to Datejust, Day-Date to Daytona, there is a Rolex for everyone. If you are wanting to purchase a pre-owned Rolex watch, then Christopher Brown Jeweller’s York is a great place to start.

This helpful guide will tell you many of the essential questions you need to know when buying a second-hand Rolex watch such as:

• Does it have box and papers?

• Are you buying it from a reputable source?

• What is the condition of the watch?

• Have any parts been replaced over time or are they original?

• Has it had a service or is it due one?

• Is it a fair price?

Why Buy A Pre-Owned Rolex?

The obvious answer is choice and availability. Waiting lists for new models can run from 2-5 years on popular models and even then, your choice may be limited. Pre-owned may often carry a premium in price but that will be reflected in its resale value thereafter as the after-market resale price often exceeds their new RRP due to supply and demand. Over the last decade, the price of pre-owned Rolex watches has climbed upwards sharply making the right model a very worthwhile investment.  Although prices have readjusted after the boom in demand following the pandemic, the luxury watch industry overall witnessed an average appreciation of about 7 to 8% on most watches year-to-date.

What Are Rolex Papers And Can You
Get Replacement Papers For A
Pre-Owned Rolex?

A brand new Rolex comes with a Rolex guarantee card and older models come with guarantee papers. However if you lose these papers they cannot be replaced. The ‘papers’ these days consist of a plastic card that contains the watches unique reference number, serial number and date of sale. It’s worth noting that ‘super fakes’ now exist that carry false papers and will look almost identical so the most important part is using a retailer that you can trust. Many Rolex have been owned for decades and it is quite common for the original paperwork to get misplaced or thrown away during house moves. With this in mind, if you already own a Rolex, it’s important to keep your original Rolex box and paperwork safe. 

Is It Worth Purchasing A Rolex
Without The Papers?

The most important thing about a Rolex is the watch itself. Original papers will add to the resale value of the watch and will clearly increase the purchase cost, however if you don’t plan on reselling your watch, then you can buy a beautiful watch without paying the premium. Overall the true value is dependent on the model and the age and condition of the watch and your trust in the retailer selling it. All our luxury watches at Christopher Brown Jewellers carry a 2 year warranty and full authentication guarantee giving you complete peace of mind whether the original papers still exist or have been misplaced over time.

Can You Tell If A Rolex Is Second-Hand?

All pre-owned Rolex watches from Christopher Brown Jewellers have undergone a full professional service and strap and case refurbishment. After this level of care, the watch can look like new. 

You should look for how tight the links in the strap are, whether there are any marks or dents on the strap or case and whether there is any damage to the face or bezel. These are all tell-tale signs of a watch that’s had a hard life and its price should be reduced accordingly. Above all It’s important to buy a watch that’s been serviced and carries a warranty and we offer a 2 year warranty on all our luxury watches. 

Are You Buying Your Rolex From
A Reputable Source?

When purchasing a Rolex it’s important to talk to experts and find a seller or retailer that you can rely on. Has it been serviced recently, does it contain genuine parts and does it carry a warranty you can rely on?

We recommend staying away from private sellers you don’t know as it really isn’t worth the risk. There are so many ‘super-fake’ and replica Rolex watches, which can still cost thousands of pounds, circulating in the market. It can even take an expert 20-30 minutes to distinguish if it’s the genuine article. Therefore, buyer beware – remember if it looks too good to be true then it usually is! 

Is The Watch A Good Price?

A simple online search will give you a general idea of prices. Remember to compare like for like though with the age, make, model and condition all having a large impact on the value of the watch. To make sure you are getting the best deal talk to the experts and use a reputable trader. 

Even a basic Rolex contains around 100 parts and a more complicated chronograph over 300. Before a luxury watch is offered for sale at Chrstopher Brown Jewellers, every single watch is fully dismantled, cleaned in an ultrasonic, individually oiled and any worn or damaged parts are replaced including the main spring and seals. The case and strap are re-polished and the watch is tested to ensure it has the right amplitude to check that  the gear train and parts are all working correctly. We sell our watches with this peace of mind but price them according to the fair online market price so you can be sure that you are buying your watch at the right value and with a guarantee you can rely on.

Whether you are a Rolex collector or just planning to make your first purchase, contact us today at any of our 9 stores across the north including York, Seacroft, Shipley, Pontefract, Goole, Batley, Stockport, Prescot and Toxteth or visit to see our latest range.  

Our team of experts will work with you to help you find your perfect pre-owned watch at the best price, and most importantly, from a jeweller you can trust.

What a perfect way to start your Christmas shopping!

Chris Brown

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