Diary Of A Pawnbroker

If you haven’t thought about it yet, you had better start now as it will be with us before you know it.
Don’t panic – we will help you spend your money and make shopping this Christmas a breeze!
All I Want For Christmas…
The hard part is working out what to buy and how much you want to spend. Well, here are some Christmas ideas that may just help you:
For Him:
What doesn’t he have? We know the story ‘he usually just buys something when he wants it and that makes shopping for him a nightmare!’
You could spoil him and go for his dream ticket – a Rolex! It’s a good investment and he will love you forever!
Perhaps a gold chain or signet ring to replace the one he has lost or damaged?
Or what about the Fred Bennet range – men’s jewellery elegantly fashioned in steel and leather and certainly in fashion right now.
For Her:
No matter how many times she says ‘I don’t want anything special this year, just a card will do…’, you know this is not true. I have tried it and it backfired badly. Come the big day, nothing will make your partner happier than a surprise piece of jewellery or a lovely watch because she will know you think she’s worth it!
Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend so why not treat her to something special like a pair of diamond earrings, a tennis bracelet or a new diamond or coloured stone ring. You could even commission a bespoke piece of jewellery that will melt her heart. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and we can use your existing gold or diamonds to remodel something she doesn’t wear or has had passed down into something she will treasure forever. Alternatively, if she is buying you a Rolex, hadn’t you better do the same!
For Grandma and Grandad:
Not many people seem to buy jewellery gifts for their parents as they often seem to give their jewellery away instead!
So you have two options depending on how devious you want to be…..Option 1) buy something you really want and wait for it to get passed down as ‘its lovely dear but I will never really wear it’
Option 2) Buy something you actually think they will love like a silver locket with a picture of their grandchildren in or a comfortable watch with a face they can actually read the time on.
For the children:
It doesn’t have to be diamond but we have a children’s range of diamond jewellery, set in silver that is just beautiful. Equally, if they are that bit older what about starting their jewellery collection with a lovely diamond pendant, fashion Fiorelli Silver or a decent watch?
Remember, the cost of Christmas does not always have to come at once. Brown and Gold offer a 6 month layaway service where you can put your gift away for Christmas Day and pay for it as, and when, you wish. There is a minimum deposit of 10% then you can reserve your item and pay the remaining amount in the coming months when your cashflow allows.
We also offer Interest Free Credit and will happily do Part Exchanges on pre-owned jewellery and watches
Whatever you wish for this Christmas, visit Brown and Gold at Seacroft or Batley or Christopher Brown Jewellers in Shipley and make your Christmas shopping easy.

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