February 2024

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The world seems to be in turbulent times at the moment with the war in Ukraine still raging and now the Middle East. This sad time make me think of the terrible tragedies of previous conflicts, most importantly the consequences for human life but also the destruction of many historic buildings and fine antiquities lost to the world forever. 

One example from World War Two was Dresden, home to some of the best pottery makers ever. I wonder how many precious items were destroyed during the bombing of that city and others like it in the following decades. I know of several dealers who travel to Europe to buy antiques to sell in England, however, this type of trading may soon become a thing of the past as the current situation will no doubt have an impact on the antiques sector as it is many others. 

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I have always had an admiration for European antiques, particularly items from the Black Forest region where depictions of bears are very popular. The region is also well known for the manufacture of clock cases which were exported to Switzerland for movement fittings. Humidors and assorted boxes made in the Black Forest have found their way into my shop over the years and I have a fondness for Bohemian glass and Austrian porcelain. However, Swiss watches remain the best in the world and can achieve very high prices. 

Another important theme in today’s world is climate change. I really admire the younger generation who are responding to the needs of the planet, and this is why despite never being a fan of painting old furniture I am beginning to change my mind on the subject. Mend and make do was what everyone did when I was a child. I remember well my father mending our shoes with leather. This was just after the Second World War when we couldn’t afford anything new so my mother would darn our socks and most of our clothes were passed down through the children. We had a wonderful childhood and it never mattered if we went without material things – we were never hungry. 

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I suppose having an antiques shop is the ultimate in reusing things from the past, so don’t throw anything away. Bring it into our shop, you never know what it might be worth! And if you are looking for a new piece of furniture, why not visit the shop first before heading out for a flat pack. Old furniture is often extremely well made and as I am learning, can be upcycled to suit all modern homes. 

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