How To Take Great Photos With Michelle Townhill


It’s that time of the year where the days are getting longer and the weather is warmer after one of the wettest winters in history our dull drab gardens and parks spring into life with eclectic colours.

I love taking photos of flowers in the garden or when am out in the parks, and it’s not that hard to do. Most if not all of us have a camera of some description from a mobile phone with a camera or a point and shoot, through to a DSLR. So if you like to take pictures of flowers but ends up looking like little dots or a blur, well let me take you through some easy steps to make your photos of flowers as spectacular as you saw them. You don’t need a fancy camera with bells and whistles and a tripod. All you need is a point and shoot camera and a steady hand.

1) Set your camera to the flower mode this is displayed on the settings menu. There may also be a macro option use that as well, you can on some cameras get as close as 2cm. Over ride your flash as some times the flash will go off and bleach your picture. You don’t want that.

2) Timing is key! Mornings are better as it’s normally calm or a slight breeze and dew drops on flowers give a nice depth.

3) Lighting: You don’t want to take a photo of a flower in full sunshine. This creates deep shadows and makes the flower look harsh. The best weather conditions are in fact when the weather is overcast. This prevents shadows and creates an even colour.

4) Get on down! No not to boogie but to the same level as the flowers.

5) Get close in, flowers don’t bite! Like the photos here they can make a striking image.

6) Don’t be shy get your favourite photos printed. Use them as pictures in your house as part of a colour theme or use contrasting colours for that wow factor. This will create an amazing creative atmosphere. It also provides opportunities to create inventive and fabulous greeting or birthday cards.

7) Enjoy and happy snapping.

Michelle Townhill is a Leeds based photographer and covers the whole of Yorkshire available for weddings, portraits, portfolio and commercial work, find her on facebook, or contact 07895 980777.

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