Spring Show Celebrates Still Life in the City…

■ Sarah du Feu printing

An exciting art exhibition opening at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery this month will feature prints by two celebrated printmakers Sarah Du Feu and Vicky Oldfield.  The show named Still Life will feature brand new prints by the pair. Sarah, a Yorkshire based artist and printmaker, takes inspiration from the landscape around her and although her Still Life works contain recurrent vase, jug and bowl motifs that are a study in form, colour and the relationships between these elements, much as her landscapes are. “I love building up the layers of colour and imagery until the composition and colours are working well. Some of the prints are made up of many layers, some may only have two or three. As well as making art I work as a Principal Learning Officer and Part Time Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University teaching printmaking.”

■ Vicky Oldfield

■ Vicky Oldfield Violets are blue

Vicky’s work is inspired by plants, objects and the animals that surround her.  “My images are created using collagraphs; an experimental form of printmaking.  The prints are taken from plates which have been collaged with a variety of materials, card, fabric, paper, string, sand and anything else that may come to hand; it’s recycling at its most creative!  The plates are then sealed and then inked up and printed in intaglio or relief on damp paper using an etching press.  The embossed textural quality of the print is unique to this method.  Thanks to the process itself, I am able to make small editions of the image, the editions are variable due to the process and my desire to experiment, which means each print is unique.”

Still Life starts on the 4th March and will remain in the gallery until 24th June.  All works are for sale.

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Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm.  Closed Sundays and Mondays.  Please contact the gallery approaching Bank Holidays for revised opening hours.

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