JULY 2019

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Hi Gary, 

Could you tell me any information on these binoculars that have the marks, 6×30. N15518 and the Russian symbol hammer and sickle, dated 1939, I have had these for at least 30 + years, do you think they could be worth anything?


Mr Mick Stuart 

Dear Mick,

Thank you for your email.

Your Russian military binoculars are actually quite common and there are many similar pairs on the market. This availability unfortunately drives the price down.

You can buy a pair in perfect condition with the original case for under £70.

Your pair may sell between £20 – 30 at auction.

Dear Gary,

I have attached some photos of a bag which I would appreciate your comments on. My partner is 70 and it originally belonged to his grandmother or great grandmother. It appears to have been hand embroidered in silk and is beautifully finished with gem stones along the rim and a large ruby red stone in the clasp. There is a chain handle which can be tucked inside to form a clutch bag. Although the outer bag is in excellent condition the silk lining is unfortunately very fragile and has torn in several places. Overall it measures approximately 9 inches at the widest point by 6 inches. I would appreciate your expert advice and valuation.

Hello and thank you for sending in this image of a wonderful quality clutch bag. In general these bags in good condition sell between £30-100 but this is a particularly fine example. It is worth examining it for an indication of the manufacturer as a good designer name can dramatically increase its value. Please let me know if you find any marks which I can research for you. 

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