Leeds Festival – Saturday Night

    Saturday Review

Perhaps the whole point of festivals is to be able to stumble on something that is so breath-taking as to leave you spellbound. Case in point a band called White Lines. An Austrian rock due paying homage to White Stripes and seriously just as good if not better. Sadly, only a few to see them! Maybe a shower helped Hinds to fill their stage to bursting point, or maybe Hinds are just magical. The Spanish quintet and rapturously received by the crowd: A rather stilted main stage needed a little bit of a kick and boy did it get one with Die Antwood the South Africans are never forgotten when once seen. It is sort of rap, sort of social commentary sort of indescribable but certainly not for the faint of heart: A complete contrast are Chvrches: Chvrches are sweet. They will hate that description because they do have a dark edge but they are just that a more successful version of Sixpence None The Wiser they deliver loveliness and the contrast to the previous band on the main stage is stark. However, Chvrches did deliver a huge crowd to the main stage despite the inevitable downpour that inevitably saw the tented stages do brisk business. Crystal Castles, Pulled Apart By Horses and Luh all played to larger crowds. However, even during the sunshine – yes there has been a bit – the highlight of the day filled the Festival Tent. Transviolet will play the main stage in the next couple of years and will pull a massive following to it. The Los Angeles band deliver perfect, inspiring meaningful pop-punk. Working on material for their debut LP they have generated a dedicated following that will stand in a thunderstorm to see them. Just what you needed for Leeds Festival on Saturday!

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