Leeds Hunters on a mission to recruit new Head Coach


Leeds Hunters, the city’s only inclusive rugby team is on the hunt for a brand-new head coach to take the club to the next level.

The move follows on from the team’s recent success, after winning the Cu Chulainn Cup in Dublin in the 2019 Union Cup, the European Gay Rugby tournament, as well as finishing second in the northern IGR league, and second in the national touch rugby event.

Suitable for qualified rugby coaches, those interested in developing skills towards a qualification, or someone with a strong track record of experience in rugby union, the new coach will be tasked with improving the skills already in place at the club.

Ben Ryder, Chairman at Leeds Hunters, said: “We’ve come such a long way since starting the Leeds Hunters back in 2016, and it’s fantastic to see the growth and strength of the club. We’re now home to around 90 members, all of whom have different backgrounds, personalities and reasons for joining.

“Our success in the first three years has been testament to the progress we’ve made, and we’re now looking to move the team to the next level, bringing in a new head coach that can develop skills, improve the quality of rugby played, and ensure we continue to compete at the highest level.

“The club prides itself on creating a safe and sociable environment for all and we can’t wait to introduce new members to the Leeds Hunters community as we continue to grow – both in experience and numbers.”

The team currently receives support from Yorkshire Carnegie, with players and coaching staff volunteering their time to assist the team.

For more information about the Leeds Hunters, please visit: https://www.theleedshunters.com/.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about, or applying for the role, email coaching@theleedshunters.com

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