LS24x Powered By Cardo Systems Now Available


Following LS2’s announcement of its adoption of the new Universal Communications Solution (UCS) standard in selected helmets during EICMA 2022 in Milan, the LS2 INTERCOM – LS24X powered by Cardo – is now available.

The LS24X has been specifically designed for seamless installation into the ECE 22.06 compliant VECTOR 2, ADVANT and INFINITY helmets, offering customers a choice of full face, convertible or open face with UCS-compatibility. 

Offered as a factory-fit solution at time of purchase in dealerships; there will also be the option to add the unit post-purchase too later this year, depending on the individual’s preference.

The dedicated LS2 INTERCOM LS24X product, developed by Cardo Systems, connects up to four riders across Bluetooth, has a range of 1.2km/0.75 miles, features Sound by JBL, Natural Voice Operation, Open Bluetooth intercom (OBi) and is fully waterproof. The compact unit also boasts auto-reconnecting Bluetooth, so riders can ride their own ride without having to worry about connection issues. 

Later this year, there are plans for LS2 INTERCOM pre-installed helmets to be released as well as carbon versions. 

Shachar Harari, Vice President, Business Development at Cardo Systems, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with LS2 in delivering the best Bluetooth communication experience in the market. LS2 choice to base its solution on the UCS platform underscores the importance of this new industry standard for embedded communications. We are excited about the future that lies ahead as we continue our collaboration with LS2.”

Luca Porcellati, Marketing Director at LS2, adds: “We’re extremely happy to be launching the UCS-compatible helmets to motorcyclists across the globe in partnership with Cardo, a company who shares our vision of innovation and quality. By offering a full-face, convertible and open-face helmets with this functionality, there’s an option for all kinds of motorcycle rider.” 

To check out the whole helmet range from LS2,, or for more information on Cardo Systems, visit

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