May 2015

We have certainly had some good weather over the last couple of months, which has brought about many cycling opportunities. In the last few weeks I have finally been able to put some miles in on my summer road bike (yes, cyclists do have summer and winter bikes!), I’ve also used the Hybrid to go to the village pub and shop. My wife and I are now building up the miles in anticipation of a cycling trip to Tuscany. I’ve never been to Italy and am really looking forward to it.

I was pleased to welcome Selina the junior journalist into my shop who now has a great safe bike to ride and enjoy. We are not the only ones out and about on our bikes and our workshop is now busy. We have had every type of job through the door from a simple puncture repair to a full strip down and re-build. We even found time to repair a shopping trolley! Most jobs can be turned around in a couple of days and there is no need to book in advance.

The main event this month for me is the Tour de Yorkshire.How can it not be? A Yorkshire man, cyclist and Director of The Bike Shop. Be in no doubt I will be sharing the euphoria of my spectatorship and of course my views on the cyclists, the quality of the bikes and equipment in my next column in June. If you fancy doing the Tour yourself but not quite got the peddle power this months article may just make it possible.

After last months article I received an email from my old Geography teacher who wanted to know if we sold Electric Bicycles. Of course we do was my reply. Here is my homework sir…

An electric bike is essentially a conventional bike with a motor added to make pedaling easier. It is not an electric motorbike. The law requires riders to be over the age of 14 and that the motor assists the rider and must cut out at 15 miles an hour. Many bikes offered for sale do not meet the legal requirements, leaving the riders open to prosecution and requiring road tax, insurance and even an MOT.

However, do not be put off, a legal bike can be great fun for riders of all abilities and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, particularly when motorists look on in amazement at the speed you are doing with apparently minimal effort.

The sale of electric bikes is one of the fastest growth areas in the cycle trade. There have been some horrendous examples over the years and we have been very selective in the bikes that we have stocked. However, with the development in technology, improvement in aesthetics and weight combined with competitive pricing, the e-bike market is now opening up as a viable option for leisure cyclists, commuters and core enthusiasts.

Our range includes bikes from Raleigh, Dawes and Peugeot.

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed the local agents for Peugeot electric cycles.

Peugeot have put together a fantastic range of electric bicycles for every use.  The entry level eCO3 has a low step frame and has been well tested by the French Post Office who have a fleet of more than 1000, used every day in all weather conditions. These bikes will charge in as little as 5 hours, and will travel up to 65 miles between charges. Also, in a deal which is exclusive to Peugeot and new to the cycle industry, the bikes come with a “Free Recovery Service” for the first 12 months of ownership. Prices start from £1100.

We have a range of e-bikes in store for you to try and finance packages starting from a little as £5 per week. Now you really have no excuse for not cycling.

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