Otley businesses pull together to help supply vulnerable residents during the Covid-19 crisis

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A number of Otley businesses are pulling out all the stops in an effort to keep vulnerable residents supplied with much-needed food and goods while in self-isolation.

Facing a challenging economic environment and against the background of the government’s recommendations for people to maintain social distancing and stay in their own homes, many of the town’s businesses have begun to offer free delivery services to those who are confined to their own homes.

Businesses offering delivery services include greengrocers O’Fresh, newly opened old-fashioned dried and household goods shop Like Nana Did, the town’s trio of butchers Weegemans, Wilkinsons and Middlemiss, and a host of other shops and services.

The situation with which businesses are open and allowed to provide delivery is changing by the minute – and Otley BID are doing their utmost to maintain an up-to-date list on their website of Otley businesses offering essential specialist services during the Covid-19 crisis. It can be can be found at https://www.otleybid.co.uk/covid-19-otley-open-for-business/.

Chair of Otley BID Tom Hatley said: “While this is an incredibly challenging time for the high street and Otley’s many small businesses and independent shops, it is heartwarming to see the number of traders who are pulling out all the stops to keep those in need supplied with vital goods. This positive spirit in such difficult times is indicative of Otley’s wider community spirit where people pull together to help each other in both good times and times of need.”

Local organisations such as Otley BID, Visit Otley and Otley Energy are now investigating the viability of a centralised delivery scheme to help better facilitate the effort.

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