Hello readers, welcome to my monthly article. Each month I review a different place or toy. I hope you find my reviews helpful and they give you some good ideas. This month I am reviewing a place that will be good to visit now that it’s getting cold outside and the weather is not so appealing. It’s … Showcase cinema and their new amazing X Plus experience. Read on to find out more!

Showcase is a chain cinema with many different ones to go to. I went to the one in Birstall, Leeds. They show a massive variety of movies and events on the screen so there is something for everyone to see. I personally chose the new Ninja Turtles movie on the X Plus screen (I Will go more into X Plus shortly). I think you should definitely check out this cinema if you haven’t already.


Showcase serves a massive variety of food and drinks to eat at the cinema. Such as popcorn, hotdogs and Tango Blast slush puppies. My personal favourite is sweet popcorn and a mixed Tango Blast. The staff who serve you are very helpful and polite and will get you what you need. The food served is very tasty and I advise trying some. They are priced reasonably as well and it is only a pound extra for large popcorn instead of small which is good for if you are sharing with someone or a group of people.

X Plus

X Plus is a new part of Showcase cinemas to make your experience more thrilling. It includes having a far better screen which goes from wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling so you can watch your movie on a bigger screen which is an advantage. Also not to forget the amazing 360 Dolby digital surround sound which is better than normal sound and totally makes your film sound amazing. It makes you feel like you’re actually in the movie with speakers all around, and you can feel the sound as well as hear it. I think this is an even better experience than the normal cinema and you can only get it at Showcase.


For children’s birthdays they do parties for £11.25 per person. It includes a party room, popcorn, ice-cream and drink each and a movie with dedicated seating. I think this is a good idea and suitable for children of all ages. Everyone loves a good movie!

Cinema overall

The cinema is very good for normal viewings as well as the X Plus and 3D movies – Showcase has it all! So if you just simply want to see a movie, or enjoy the full experience that X Plus has to offer, it will impress. I recommend this cinema to anyone and I definitely think it’s worth a visit. Thanks for reading my latest article!

By Selina


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