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The National Martial Arts College was established 15 years ago to teach the AEGIS martial arts system. The AEGIS system was developed by Master Tony Higo 30 years ago from systems he studied going from childhood, including Boxing, Karate and street defence.

Master Higo’s goal was to develop a martial art that was more than just fighting for self-defence but as a tool to learn self-development, to understand oneself and ones purpose in life. As master Higo sees it, the martial arts, like life is the search for truth, how life works and how to get the best from it.

The term AEGIS is taken from the shield of Zeus, king of the Greek gods and was a shield that could protect him from anything. This is the basis of AEGIS, which is to protect, after that the focus is on using these same survival skills to help one thrive in life. Tony Higo has developed ways to accelerate the development of students through a series of technologies that help students to gain a deeper understanding of life through the physical and mental study of the martial arts.

AEGIS whilst being an effective self defence system and great for keeping fit and building confidence, recognises that the skills that make us effective in combat are the same skill sets that make us confident, motivated self-starters in life. In the AEGIS system the focus of its programmes is on developing personal leadership qualities to equip members with the skills needed to build successful lives, careers, wealth and relationships.

The leadership skills needed are based on 25 elemental laws of life, of which the key 5 laws make up an acrostic of AEGIS, being; Attitude, Expectation, Game Plan, Implementation and Study. Study of the AEGIS laws involves physical training in the martial arts alongside the philosophical concepts and lead students toward the achievement of Black Belt Leadership and beyond to personal self-mastery.

AEGIS is available to anyone but is especially suited to people who want more than just kicks and punches, from martial arts. AEGIS is designed to help people solve problems such as self-defence, confidence, weight loss etc., and then to continue its study to increase these benefits indefinitely. AEGIS Students come from all walks of life; parents brings their children from as young as 3 years old and seeing the benefit that their children undergo often step up to the challenge. Our average student base consists of Mum, Dad and the kids all studying together toward the joint goal of Black Belt.

All AEGIS instructors began as students who benefitted from its positive benefits and then joined the AEGIS instructor program to become career professional instructors. AEGIS is not just fun and challenging it is also full of long term benefits for students, who often stay for many years.

If you’re interested in learning the AEGIS system to improve your own or your family’s life then call on 0113 2310101 or go to

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