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We are delighted to announce that Brown and Gold Pawnbrokers in Seacroft are being rebranded to Christopher Brown Jewellers and Pawnbrokers. This is to allow the branch to tie in with our other 4 existing Christopher Brown Jewellers at York, Pontefract and Shipley and now our latest branch just open in Stockport, Manchester. This takes our branch network up to 8 branches across the North of England with 5 in our region including Brown & Gold at Batley.

Pawnbroking is one of the oldest industries in the world. Pawnbroking spread to England with the Norman conquest back in 1066 however pawnbroking has had a chequered reputation in the past. Originally seen as a lender of last resort that myth has been broken down over the years to the form the modern and efficient service we see today. Back in times past, pawnbrokers often lent money to the Crown and even Edward III pawned his jewels to raise money for his war with France in 1338, as did Henry V back in 1415.

Pawnbroking declined after the Second World War due to an increase in social welfare provision by governments and consumer credit by banks and this led many pawnbrokers needing to modernise their image and diversify their businesses. 

Today the trade is seen as an alternative to the modern banking system. Highly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and internally governed by its own trade body the National Pawnbrokers Association. Now socially accepted as a high street institution it has led to people using pawnbrokers as an alternative to the bank or payday loans when needing a short term cash advance.

However our business is so much more than just a pawnbrokers. We are a reputable and quality jewellers, offer a repair service for watches and jewellery, we buy unwanted gold and jewellery, offer buy-backs on electricals and smart phones and even sell Foreign Exchange to those lucky enough to be going abroad this year.

The modern pawnbroker has many strings to their bow and is a one-stop-shop for so many services that can be hard to find on the high-street or difficult to buy on-line.

Christopher Brown Jewellers are proud to be an expanding and progressive brand in a retail environment that has faced many challenges over the last 12 months.

Rebranding will allow us to showcase some of the fantastic jewellery pieces we have to offer and open up our market to those looking for ROLEX, OMEGA and CARTIER watch brands that may have otherwise not felt this was the right environment for them.

It also ties in nicely with our new website;

Here you will find new and exciting lines not always available in our branches and view our extensive collection of luxury watches and Rolex from across our branches in the luxury of your own home. Our click and collect service allows you to try before you buy and you have the peace of mind knowing that you are buying from a reputable trader that services and authenticates all their watches and offers a free 2 year warranty for that complete peace of mind.

I am proud to have my name above the shop and I am proud of the people in my business. They are the ones who have made us who we are and I want to invite you to come and see for yourselves and become a customer of our growing and successful business that offers the high street so much more than the old traditional pawnbroker. 

Chris Brown

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