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It’s been a busy month at Christopher Brown Jewellers we have welcomed back many more tourists in York, being able to help and assist them with their purchases is always a pleasure!

We have noticed over the last few weeks that we are being asked a lot about care and maintenance of jewellery and watches so we thought it would it a great opportunity to share some knowledge in this month’s article.

During the pandemic we have been inundated with questions concerning white gold ‘going a funny colour’ so here is a brief explanation as to why….

Gold is naturally yellow in colour and it’s impossible to make it bright white, the yellow colour of the gold can only be toned down. 

In order to achieve the shiny polished appearance of white gold the piece of jewellery is plated in Rhodium, a naturally white metal that is related to Platinum. As with any plating it WILL wear off in time we advise that Rhodium should last a year.  Unfortunately the advised use of hand gels and sanitisers because of the pandemic is causing the plating to wear off much quicker, in most cases only lasting 3-6months.  This is not a fault with the metal it is due to high alcohol content in the sanitisers, we strongly believe it to be a fundamental rule to always share the correct production information with our customers when selling white gold so they can make the choice that best suits their need.

We can re Rhodium your white gold jewellery from as little as £37.50 and make them look like new again…please feel free to call into store to discuss the process further with a member of our trained team.

Gemstone jewellery can lose its fire and brilliance through contact with cosmetics and general day to day wear, with careful regular considered cleaning you can maintain its appearance. Regular use of jewellery cleaners will bring out the best in your gold, platinum, diamond and stone set jewellery. It is essential to use the right products and methods otherwise there is risk of permanent damage.

In store we can advise you on which product is best suited for your item, there are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning jewellery which we will be more than happy to share.

Its not just jewellery that requires care and attention our watches take a lot of heavy wear, we rarely take them off when carrying out day to day tasks…I know I don’t! 

Our team at York were presented with a much loved but heavily worn Rolex Bi Metal Submariner.  It had considerable scratches to the bracelet and casing, and the owner thought it needed a new bracelet which would cost a few thousand pounds. 

We use an exceptional watch repairer that has over 35years experience and are fully accredited to service & repair prestige watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega, so a scratched and dull looking bracelet is easily rectified.

Our horologists were able to fully restore the bracelet, clasp and casing to a superbly high standard making the watch looked like it had just left the showroom! The customer was thrilled that the watch looked fantastic and that his bank balance hadn’t been unnecessarily dented!

Our watch repair services are exceptional value and in most cases are back with the customer in under 3 weeks.

If you would like to discuss any of our products or services please get in touch or better still come and visit us at our YORK store, 22 High Ousegate or one of our other 5 stores in the region including Christopher Brown Jewellers at Seacroft, Shipley, Pontefract and Brown & Gold at Batley. 

You can also visit our website; 

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