It’s Time For Summer Shine!

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The school summer holiday has begun and this marks an interesting time in our calendar. Parents who until now have been managing perfectly well with their work / life balance suddenly have a house full of children demanding money, holidays and most costly of all – their time!

Long awaited family holidays need paying for, kids need new uniforms, and the household bills keep coming. As if that wasn’t enough the cost of living crisis and soaring inflation is adding to the party so it’s not surprising that the pawnbroking arm of the business can get really busy and many customers are looking to borrow a few hundred pounds to help with their holiday cash flow. Our FX sales hit their peak and Euros and Dollars flow out in their £1000’s.

The good news is that the gold price remains strong. Gold is up over 10% on this time last year and over 50% over 5 years. No wonder it is the commodity that people always turn to when times are uncertain! 

Customers continue to bring in their unwanted gold and sell their unwanted jewellery to raise some funds or pawn their goods for an instant cash loan and are to redeem them at a later date when their funds are more available. A pawnbroking loan is so simple. You can borrow from £10 to £10,000+ in a matter of minutes using your jewellery or luxury watch to secure the loan. It is a very carefully regulated industry, and you remain the owner of your goods which are kept securely in our vaults as security against the loan until the loan and interest is repaid which can be at any time within the 7-month contract period. You can even make part payments and draw down the amount in manageable portions as the last thing we want to happen is for you to be unable to collect your goods, and as a result, over 80% of all loans are redeemed and over 95% of pawnbroking customers continue to reuse our service.

At times like this with inflation soaring we are also selling a lot of investment gold, especially sovereigns. They are really back in demand and when you see how gold increases over the long term, it’s easy to see why. 

Despite the rise in the cost of the shiny metal, our retail prices have remained constant. We aim to give our customers fair pricing and great value for money. Our pre-owned gold and diamond jewellery is still priced at historic prices so there are some real bargains to be had. 

Platinum is the best value metal on the market right now and is currently 40% less expensive than 18ct gold. This is mainly due to the industrial use in the car industry falling back a little so make hay while the sun shines and use the opportunity to reset your jewellery in platinum if that is something you have always wanted to do but couldn’t afford it.

Rolex watches remain strong sellers as always and we continue to replenish our stock weekly. For the latest lines visit With over 70 to choose from you could find the watch you have always dreamed of.

Repair It & Wear It

Now is also a great time to get your jewellery repaired and watches serviced – especially if you are going away as it will remain locked in our vaults until your return. We repair all types of jewellery and our ROLEX services start from just £495 so call into your nearest branch to get a free quotation.

Whatever you plan to do this summer, make it shine with Christopher Brown Jewellers.

Call into your nearest Christopher Brown Jewellers at York, Seacroft, Shipley, Pontefract, Stockport or Prescot or visit our Brown & Gold branches at Batley and Toxteth and let us put some shine onto your summer.

Chris Brown

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