Leeds Author Publishes Story Of Controversial Gallipoli Commander


Leeds author Evan McGilvray has published a reappraisal of Sir Ian Hamilton’s controversial command of the Gallipoli campaign, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings on 25 April 2015. One hundred years on, the campaign remains a very controversial and emotive subject. Hamilton and Gallipoli re-assesses Hamilton’s much-criticized command of the British and Commonwealth forces, revealing that, as a commander, he was actually forward-thinking in some respects. 

Author Evan McGilvray’s inspiration to write the book came about after seeing a photograph of General Sir Ian Hamilton. He says:

“He did not look like a First World War British General and that attracted me to him and so I began to research him. His ideas were quite liberal and perhaps considered by some within his social and professional circle as being ‘fey’. He wrote poetry for one thing and had ideas. He also could be bothered to learn the languages of India to the fury of some senior officers. Basically, Hamilton was a thinker: more of a philosopher-soldier. His conduct in Gallipoli reflected this but his reputation was unfairly tarnished by the media and so he was cast to the far reaches of society and history. This work seeks to readdress this.”

RRP £19.99 • Hardback • 230 Pages • ISBN: 9781781590768

The book is available from Amazon, high street stores and website:

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