Leeds Baby Bank Crowdfunding To Get On The Road And Help Families Faster


Leeds Baby Bank is launching a new crowdfunding campaign with the aim to raise enough funds to purchase a van to support a growing number of families in crisis in Leeds. The crowdfunder goes live on 20 September 2020.

Leeds Baby Bank gifts families in crisis in essential items for their young children. It is estimated that over 35,000 children in the Leeds area live in poverty, that’s one in five.

The growing charity, based in the heart of the city, supports over 50 families per month, but this is slowed down by lack of transport.  A van will save time in various areas of the charity, including the collection of items from local communities, the deliveries of bundles to families, and enable the charity to grow and provide a more seamless service to those helping and receiving help.

Families can wait up to a week for their items to arrive, and COVID-19 has only slowed things down due to fewer volunteers being able to deliver essential items. Leeds Baby Bank requires enough funds to purchase a van, and to employ a driver to speed up the process of getting safety and well-being items to families with children 0-5.

Winter is an extremely busy period for Leeds Baby Bank, with cots, moses baskets, winter clothing, toys reaching vulnerable families across all areas of the city who are affected by poverty.

Recently appointed Charity Manager Will Munton stated “To see bundles of cots, prams, clothing and essential items starting to back up in the unit, means families are waiting with their young children. We strive to get our items out as quickly as possible to our families but the lack of transport really slows us down. We not only want to speed things up for current families, but to be able to meet the growing demand in future for our Baby Bank”

The Leeds Baby Bank team is made up with a team of founding trustees (Faye Freeman, Louise Hannon, and Chantal Nogbou), all who have full time jobs and have worked tirelessly to start the organisation, Jackie Appleton, the Unit Supervisor who leads all day to day activity of the charity, and Charity Manager Will Munton who was recently employed to support the growth of the charity. Leeds Baby Bank is supported by hundreds of people across the city who donate items and volunteer their time.

Head to https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/lets-get-leeds-baby-bank-on-the-road-with-a-van to support this campaign

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