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Leeds Neurophysiotherapy has been providing specialist treatment to improve the lives of people who have suffered from strokes or other central nervous system problems for over 20 years.

Jill Fisher opened the practice in 1997 in Adel, in 2015 it moved to its current premises in Rawdon which is now home to seven specialist physiotherapists and one children’s Physiotherapist. All the therapists are highly experienced and dedicated to helping over 200 people each year to improve pain, balance, mobility and movement control difficulties resulting from Stroke, Parkinson’s, Head injuries, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder and other brain and central nervous system problems.

Treatment of stroke and other neurological conditions is a specialist area and at Leeds Neurophysiotherapy the therapists are all passionate about the delivery of “hands on” therapy; skilled handling is a major influence in enabling people to achieve their greatest potential and return to function, even months and possibly years following a stroke!

The physiotherapist’s skilled assistance allows the patient’s central nervous system to experience more normal posture and efficient movement. Everyone who has a central nervous system problem requires a bespoke treatment plan, but common themes are: gaining sufficient range of movements in joints, improving the flexibility of muscles, gaining better balance and improving posture. Treatment sessions are active and during each session it’s expected that significant change is seen, this is then progressed with the patient’s goals in mind. Programmes can also be designed for patients at their own home/Care home, and training can be provided for the people who care for the patient, which can often enhance a person’s rehabilitation potential.

Leeds Neurophysiotherapy regularly provides treatment when NHS courses of Physiotherapy treatment have finished, whilst a patient is on the waiting list or when their NHS sessions are infrequent, – whatever the situation, they are happy to discuss your requirements to see how they can help.

Patients can self-refer to Leeds Neurophysiotherapy and the practice offers free initial telephone consultation where they can discuss how helpful the treatment is likely to be for each personal situation.

Leeds Neurophysiotherapy

6 Over Lane, Rawdon, Leeds LS19 6DY

Tel: 0113 250 88 33

Email: practice@leedsneurophysiotherapy.co.uk

Website: www.leedsneurophysiotherapy.co.uk

Facebook: Leeds Neurophysiotherapy

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