Ryan B Releases New Single To Raise Money For Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

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Ryan B is raising the roof as well as money for charity with his new single ‘Criminal On The Dance Floor’. After sadly losing his mum to pancreatic cancer in 2012, Ryan wanted to do all he could to help raise awareness of the disease, as well as funds for vital research. 

With a talent for singing, Ryan had always had a passion for music and in one of the last conversations he had with his mum, she told him not to waste his talent. Now, three years on, he has taken his mum’s advice and is using his talent to help save other people from the same fate. All proceeds from the single (release date 4th May, pre-orders available prior) are going to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. We spoke to Ryan who told us more about his story;

“My mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Monday 26th March 2012.  I was in terrible shock when we were told. As the tears ran down my face my mum held me tight saying “don’t cry son I’ll beat this it won’t beat me”. My Mum began her fight & believe me she gave a good fight and battled hard. Mum survived 3 months.”

“I couldn’t see a future without my mum, she was always my rock, my everything. Just before my diamond angel mum passed away she asked me to promise her one thing which was to do what I’m best at. We sat together she grabbed my hands and said “son I love you with all my heart and when God was handing out children he handed me the best. You have amazing talent son I’ve always believed in you and please do what you’re best at. You have a beautiful voice, don’t waste it put it to great use, follow your dream. We have been through a lot together and we both faced it and stood tall. Always remember son you’re a born star and most of all you will always be my blue eyed star and when he takes me I will always be with you and I will guide you all the way. I know you won’t be able to hear or see me but I will be able to see and hear you. You have a new journey to start – a journey to success.”

“I can’t put into words the pain I have inside, pain that will never leave me. The only thing that has and is still keeping me going is those words I can still hear to this very day.”

“It was then I started writing and I wrote my very first Song “Heaven’s Treasure” which hit number 3 in the Reverbnation Charts. I Performed it live on The Chrissy B Show sky channel 203, was interviewed on ITV Calendar, and many radio stations, newspapers and magazines.”

“This was the start of my new journey and I began walking in my mum’s footsteps. I’ve always been a people person just like my mum. I also started searching the internet to find out more about pancreatic cancer & I couldn’t believe that it’s the 5th biggest cancer killer in the UK & 4th in America yet there has been very little research compared to other types of cancer. I was so upset, everyone deserves a chance in life. I finally found the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund charity, so I contacted the founder, Maggie Blanks who set up the charity in 2006 after losing her husband to the disease. I was overwhelmed with the way she runs everything, she does it all and I wanted to help.”

Ryan’s story is tragic, but sadly his family are not alone and the fight against cancer continues to be a struggle. Pancreatic cancer in particular is extremely hard to detect initially due to vague symptoms that can be put down to many other illnesses such as abdominal and back pain, and digestive problems. A common symptom is jaundice. This cancer is often only discovered when it is well advanced and because of this it is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in the UK, with the average survival time from diagnosis to death being just 6 months. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all cancers in the UK with only 3% of those diagnosed surviving beyond 5 years. This has not changed for around 40 years. There is no early detection test for this cancer and research into the condition is very under-funded in comparison to other cancers. Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is the only registered charity in the UK that exclusively funds research into pancreatic cancer. Maggie Blanks, founder of the charity is very grateful to Ryan for his fundraising efforts and said;

“It’s such a pleasure to see Ryan use his natural talent, charm and energy to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and to fundraise on our behalf. His mum, Mena, who I know inspires everything Ryan does, would be incredibly proud of his focus and achievements. We’re looking forward to the launch of Ryan’s second single and hope that it’s as well received as his first single, Heaven’s Treasure.”

Ryan’s new single ‘Criminal On The Dance Floor’ is available to download from all music download sites online, with all proceeds going to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. Look out for the music video coming soon too on YouTube.

Visit Ryan’s website www.therealryanb.webs.com

For more information on the charity, visit www.pcrf.org.uk


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