Yorkshire: No Messing! Young Rangers Lead The Forefront On Tackling Irresponsible Behaviour In Our Outdoor Spaces

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The Yorkshire Land Network, a renowned group of organisations dedicated to promoting and preserving the natural beauty of Yorkshire’s countryside, has taken a significant step in helping foster responsible outdoor behaviour. In their latest endeavour, their young rangers have embarked on creating a witty and educational video focused on The Countryside Code.

This stylistic film features young rangers from each organisation as they discover outdoors misbehaviour in a tongue-in-cheek way.

The Countryside Code serves as a vital guide for responsible and respectful behaviour when exploring rural areas. It emphasises the importance of leaving no trace, by taking litter with you and disposing of it properly. It encourages visitors to protect wildlife and livestock, clean up after their dogs, park responsibly and respect property and wildlife. By adhering to The Countryside Code, we can preserve the beauty and tranquillity of our landscapes for everyone to enjoy.

Ed Woollard, Head of Recreation at Forestry England Yorkshire says, “A huge amount of effort is put into protecting and maintaining our nation’s forests for people, wildlife and climate. The Countryside Code reminds us of our responsibility to preserve the wonders of our natural landscapes and we have been delighted to work alongside colleagues in the Yorkshire Land Network to produce what we hope is a fun and inspiring video which demonstrates its importance.”

Mike Innerdale, Regional Director for the National Trust in the North, says “We want people to come and enjoy the beauty of Yorkshire, but we can all do our bit to ensure we leave no trace whilst enjoying a day out in the countryside.  The film helps to share important messages from the countryside code in a lighter, more tongue in cheek way – we know it can feel daunting at times to know how to do the right thing so we hope this guide will inspire people to make a difference and change behaviour.”

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