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A diamond signifies love, eternity, strength and everlasting affection. No wonder it’s the stone of choice for engagement rings and for people to show when they really care.

We sell a lot of stunning diamond jewellery in spring as it is the season of marriage and birthdays however one particular ring stands out. I sourced, designed and set the most special stone for one lucky customer. A ‘D’ colour diamond (the whitest you can get), weighing over 2 carats and virtually flawless. This ring was valued at over £75,000 but we charged less than £29,000…. a lot of money to you and me but a massive saving on most other high street jewellers! The message is simple. If you want a good buy then don’t get fooled into thinking it’s cheaper online. A diamond is something you have to see, feel and touch. It has to have a life of its own and ‘talk’ to you so it really ‘pings’ light and life back at you. When you have found the right stone you know it’s the one and everyone is different, so taking your time and having a choice is essential.


We now have 5 branches in Yorkshire. Brown & Gold at Seacroft and Batley and Christopher Brown Jewellers in Shipley, York and Pontefract and all these branches can search and transfer stock between each other to give you the very best choice for a fraction of the price of the average high street jeweller.

Our stones are personally selected directly from the diamond cutters across the world and chosen because of their stunning quality, excellent cut and fantastic value. Appointments can be made at any of our branches for a personal consultation and we guarantee we will offer the very best price.


If you already own your own stone but do not like the design of the setting, why not let us redesign the piece with you and make a stunning piece of jewellery exactly how you want it. We can reset your own stone or add others to it if required and you will have a timeless piece of jewellery that you will treasure forever.

You can book an appointment to discuss your personal or bespoke jewellery requirements with myself directly or by visiting any of our stores and you will get a really honest appraisal of what we can do and the help to design exactly what you have dreamed of. We also offer a part exchange service and buy unwanted gold and jewellery so call in today and make the most of your gold and diamonds.


Precious and rare, forged deep within the Earth, a diamond is a fragment of eternity – a fitting symbol of enduring love and something that most people know little about – except to say that they can be an expensive gift to buy!

What makes the diamond so intriguing is its rarity in its perfect form. Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of over 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth of the stone occurs over periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years – nearly 75% of the age of the Earth.

That makes beautiful diamonds hard to find and the bigger they are, the rarer it becomes to find one free of impurities (inclusions) or perfectly white that maximises the value of the stone.

Cutting and polishing a diamond brings it to life. In the hands of master craftsmen, known as diamantaires, rough diamonds are transformed into beautiful gems sparkling with brilliance, fire and light.

However a diamond does not have to cost the earth. Buying a pre-owned diamond is exceptionally better value that buying a new one. If the stone is already a billion years old, buying a pre-loved one makes perfect sense and will save you around 40% on the equivalent new price.

Christopher Brown at Brown & Gold jewellers specialises in pre-owned and bespoke new jewellery. As a sixth generation jeweller he knows what makes a good diamond and his motto is simple – “No matter what you wish for, absolutely anything is possible!”

If you have a piece of unworn jewellery you wish to sell or fancy designing and treating yourself to a bespoke diamond ring, visit Christopher Brown Jewellers and make something special happen.

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