June 2023

I have been in the antiques business for well over 40 years although it has always been mainly as a hobby – (I always had a ‘proper’ job). I now have our little shop which we have had for the last 5 years. At the moment, the antiques business is quite buoyant and in this current climate having a busy shop is a blessing. It seems there is a collector for everything old or interesting from old postcards, coins, toys, and medals. I thoroughly enjoy the business and you never know what is going to be brought in through the door.

Amongst the more unusual items I have recently bought was some old films and a battered projector. Some of the films are Charlie Chaplin, and quite a few Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, and Pluto. Unfortunately, I do not have the skill to get the projector going but I would love to see what the films are like! I also recently acquired a lovely novelty steam train with carriages that actually works on steam pressure. Made in the 1930s with none of today’s health and safety rules, it must have been dangerous for any youngster to play with! However, most old toys are now collected by more mature gentlemen, replacing those from their childhoods and bringing back nostalgic memories.

I also had brought in a great little mystery object which I have since found out was a small hand cranked machine for sharpening razor blades, and an old wooden rattle often used at football matches – although its original use was from the 2nd World War to warn of gas leaks. It is cleverly made of all wooden construction to stop sparks and avoid explosion of gas. Another great item brought in was a full RAF uniform complete with great coat and woollen gloves, and a lovely example of a 1930’s bowler hat and hat box too. 

Over the years, antiques fashions change. There was a time when I could not get enough large items of furniture including bedroom suites, large dining tables and chairs, bookcases, and china cabinets. Now these items are unsalable, and it breaks my heart to tell people this. Unfortunately, when all this lovely old furniture has been destroyed fashions will change again and the market for these items will return as people again begin to appreciate well made solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime rather than plastic that falls apart after 6 months. 

Particularly valuable though at the moment is gold jewellery, even broken chains, odd earrings, rings with stones missing are all of interest. 

If you have any gold jewellery, interesting old items or even toys lurking in the loft that you would like valued, (particularly boxed or good conditioned Dinky or Matchbox toys) please bring them to the shop or phone me – I am happy to call at your home to have a look at your treasures without any obligation. 

Thank you,

David and Carol. 

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