Makeover Benefits Hospital’s Cancer Patients


Breast cancer support charity Bosom Friends (Bradford) and Bradford Hospitals’ Charity have joined forces to brighten a room where patients receive advice and support.

The consultation room is based at the Outpatients West Department of Bradford Royal Infirmary – part of Bradford Teaching Hospitals – and is used by Clinical Nurses Specialists to counsel all of the Trust’s cancer patients who need additional support following their oncology appointments.

Breast Care Nurse Specialist, Lorraine Newton, said: “The consultation and counselling room used to be very clinical and sparse, which was not an ideal environment for patients who are very often distressed and upset at the news that they have been given.

“We really wanted to enhance the room by making it a warm and friendly environment for patients and create a safe haven where they can feel comfortable and at ease, away from the noise of the main clinical area which is always very busy.

“Now, thanks to the Bosom Friends (Bradford), Bradford Hospitals’ Charity and our Macmillan Breast Care Co-ordinator, Sandra Stewart, the room has been transformed and is warm and welcoming where our patients can receive get advice and support after meeting with their oncologist.”

The refurbished consultation room has been repainted and has been furnished with new chairs, coffee table and wooden corner cabinet, thanks to the generosity of the two charities.

Hayley Collis, Head of Fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, said: “We are delighted to support this project, which will improve the hospital environment for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

“As the official NHS charity partner of BTHFT, we are always looking for ways to make hospital visits and stays more pleasant because we believe our patients deserve the best.”

Bosom Friends (Bradford), a voluntary group of people who give up their free time after breast cancer treatment to help new patients and fund enhancements to the breast care service to make it more comfortable, donated three comfortable chairs and a coffee table to the revamped room.

Julia Sunderland of Bosom Friends (Bradford) said: “Our aim is to contribute as many personal touches as we can to the service here in Bradford so that rooms like these are as comfy and homely as possible.”

Over the years the group has provided many extras for the Trust’s Breast Service which operates out of St Luke’s Hospital, including a coffee machine, lamps, magazine stands, furniture and cushions.

Mrs Newton added that the room’s refurbishment would greatly benefit patients.

“The breast care nurses have worked closely to create this special room to enhance the patient experience and support the high standards and quality of care that our women deserve,” she said.

“We want to ensure that patients are as comfortable and in a less distressing environment as they can possibly be while they are in our care.

“This new consultation room plays a big and important part of that as it gives patients a real sanctuary to spend time in after they have received difficult news.”

“We are so grateful to both Bosom Friends (Bradford) and Bradford Hospitals’ Charity for all that they do in supporting us and our patients. Their kindness and generosity really does make a difference,” she added.

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