Dan Lane, a.k.a. Mechanica, an assemblage artist who uses mechanic parts and disused items to create elaborate sculptures will be showcasing his works at Castle Galleries, Leeds. The engineer decided to turn full time artist after encouragement from his family and friends prompted him to pursue his passion. 

The ‘Every Piece of Me’ collection will be on show at the Albion Place gallery  finishing on the 11th October , but anyone who misses the opportunity can still view some of his work that will remain there until the end of  the month.

Building up his pieces from industrial machine parts, interesting and unusual shaped objects, home appliances, and items collected from everyday life, Mechanica assembles the hundreds of individual components into eye-catching works of art reminiscent of ornate, Baroque style sculptures.

The work looks like it has been cast out of solid iron, but in fact uses different materials including plastics and ceramics to create the large scale compositions. The artist ensures the illusion of well-worn, weathered metal by spraying a dark grey as a base, followed by a silvery tone dry brushed over.

Naming churches and cathedrals as inspiration, Mechanica also pinpoints classical marble sculptures from the past with Italian artist and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini being a particular influence.

This new show comes after rising star Mechanica’s success at the ‘Summer Exhibition’ held at Castle Fine Art, Mayfair in August 2014.

Washington Green, fine art publisher to Castle Galleries and Castle Fine Art, ran a campaign to encourage unsigned, emerging visual artists to apply to join their ranks, and the subsequent event showcased new artistic talent from across the UK. Mechanica’s work attracted significant attention, and has continued to accrue a following of collectors and admirers.

“When people view my new collection,” Mechanica says, “I want them to spend hours getting lost in each piece and taking in all the small details. My art invites people into my imagination, where a dark yet beautiful world of nature is trying to live and thrive in an industrial back drop.

“I started creating these sculptures as a hobby three years ago, and only after being convinced by friends and family did I decide to go public with my work.

“Before starting to work full time as an artist, I managed an engineering workshop with lots of incredible machinery and the experience has definitely stayed with me. Now I spend a lot of time figuring out how things will fit and work together. I love any type of mechanical object, especially the inside of old watches and think this is one of the reasons I try to make my sculptures so intricate.”

Roy Pritchard, Leeds’ Gallery Manager for Castle Galleries – Washington Green Fine Art’s nationwide network of high street galleries – said:

“Mechanica’s art has a real wow factor. Each piece is fascinating and there is so much to explore– you really get mesmerised by them.”

Mechanica’s art is available to buy from Castle Galleries, Leeds, 24-24 Albion Place, LS1 6JS  For more information go to

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