October 2020

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Dear Gary

I have this porcelain marked; Imperial Porcelain, Wedgwood England Copenhagen

I have grandchildren living in Copenhagen, and wondered if it would be of interest in Denmark

Thanks, Hazel

Dear Hazel,

This is a beautiful art nouveau style dressing table set. It would originally have been part of a larger bathroom set which would have also included a jug and bowl, soap dish and possibly two gazundas (chamber pots which you kept under the bed!)

These items have lost popularity recently and although this is a super example, it would sell for under £100 in the UK. It is a lovely thing to send to your grandchildren and would probably be worth more in Copenhagen.

I would like some information on my vesta match container. It seems unusual because of the coin representing The United States of America. If you can identify the country of the other coins represent I would be grateful. I would of course be interested in the possible sale price.

Many thanks, John

Dear John,

The coins on your silver vesta case are all American coins.

The 1877 coins are Liberty half dollars and the 1892 coin is a Barber quarter dollar.

The vesta case may sell at auction for around £100 – 150 for its novelty value.

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