Christmas Is On Its Way

Diary Of A Pawnbroker

If you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, you had better begin now, or at least start thinking about it!
All is not lost, for those who like to leave it until the last minute and make a hurried purchase (and I am usually one of them!), there is another option worth considering.
The ‘Perfect Present Service’
You don’t have to buy her the usual bottle of expensive perfume and Molton Brown bath oil or him the tie, boxer short and handkerchief set he doesn’t really need.
Why not use our new service at Brown and Gold and ‘Pick your Perfect Present’?
Every day we have customers looking in our windows gazing at Rolex watches, diamond rings and gold chains saying…
‘I wish I could just get money off people this year and then I could afford that’
Well – you CAN!
Just identify the gift you want and tell one of our team. A small 10% deposit will secure it for you and then all you have to do is let your family and friends know that you have found your ‘perfect present’ and they can help pay it off for you at Brown and Gold. They can pay off as much as they like and we will keep a note of any messages they leave and then contact you when the item is fully paid or let you know how little is left to pay off when Christmas finally comes.
All you then have to do it either collect the gift or pay the remaining balance and it will be wrapped ready for you to have on Christmas Day – How’s that for the perfect Christmas?
Think of it as being a bit like a wedding list service – only simpler, as you get the gift you really want and they don’t have to trawl around the shops looking for you.
Why have the nightmare of parking and traipsing round the city centre? – your friends and family are likely to visit the Tesco at Seacroft and Batley or the Asda at Shipley at least 3 times between now and Christmas (and probably drag their partners along too), so why not make that shopping trip even more useful and look at the jewellery and watches in our branches – you will hopefully find a present that you both will love!
Manager’s Specials……
To make Christmas really special this year we have reduced the price on many fantastic items with our Manager’s Christmas Specials with savings of up to 50% on some lines.
There is a common misconception that buying ‘on-line’ is always cheaper and easier than going shopping. This may be true with some everyday items but jewellery is a special purchase and you have to feel and see the item to know if it’s the right piece for you.
When you shop at one of our branches at Seacroft, Shipley or Batley, you are not only buying a fine piece of jewellery or a luxury watch. You are getting free advice, expertise and superb quality that comes from shopping in a genuine jewellers, not an unaccountable cyber-mall.
What’s more, if you don’t like your gift, you can take it back and exchange it. If it doesn’t fit there is someone there to correctly measure and professionally size it for you. Plus, you have the assurance of buying genuine goods from people you can trust. None of this comes at a premium – we make sure our prices are as competitive as those on line!
No matter what you wish for this Christmas, make it special and chose that perfect present at Brown & Gold at Seacroft or Batley or Christopher Brown Jewellers in Shipley and let us help you make Christmas Day really special.

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