JULY 2018

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As World Cup fever reaches its crescendo and the summer holidays begin, trade becomes very interesting as a jeweller and a pawnbroker. Parents who until now have been managing perfectly well with their work / life balance suddenly have a house full of children demanding money, holidays and most costly of all – their time!

In a few short weeks holidays need paying for, kids will need new uniforms and our household and credit card bills still keep coming. It’s not surprising that the pawnbroking arm of the business can get really busy and many customers are looking to borrow a little bit of extra cash to help with their holiday funds. A pawnbroking loan is a perfect solution as your goods can remain safely locked away in our vaults while you go on holiday with some instant extra money and complete peace of mind!

This is also our peak in supplying Euros and Dollars. Our FX sales simply rocket and customers come to our shops by the bus load to stock up on currency. I am not surprised as we supply at the most competitive rates in town according to the ‘Martin Lewis’ website.

Having recently been away myself and seen the rates offered by the ‘Bureau de Change’ in the airport I am not surprised! Our rate was over 16% better than theirs so please don’t leave it until the last minute if you are going away this summer.

The good news is that the gold price remains really strong. Customers continue to bring in their unwanted gold and sell their unwanted jewellery to raise some funds. Gold has continued to hold its price mainly due to Global unrest and now is still a really good time to sell your unwanted gold.


Since Meghan Markle tied the knot to Harry, we have seen a surge in diamond sales and especially shaped stones. Diamonds can come in all shapes and sizes and the most popular cut is the round brilliant cut with 57 facets designed to refract as much light as possible to give the diamond its sparkle.

Meghan’s ring has a cushion cut diamond centre stone and two round brilliant diamonds on either side. Harry designed it himself recycling the diamonds on either side from jewellery left to him from his late mother, Diana. The 3-4 carat centre stone was sourced separately and set in 18ct yellow gold. It really is a lovely and simple ring that is probably worth well over £125,000.

We commission and design diamond rings like this one all the time and if you are able to recycle some of your existing jewellery it can save you thousands!

A recent ring we designed was a marquise (oval) diamond and round diamond full eternity ring in platinum to act as a wedding band for a couple from Brighton. The ring was set with ‘G VVS’ diamonds and designed by the bride and groom by looking at what they liked best from various rings on the internet.

I have recently bought a number of stunning shaped diamonds with marquise, cushion, pear and heart shapes so come and take a look or call into your nearest branch and we can make you the perfect bespoke ring so you too can ‘Sparkle like Markle’!

Brown and Gold have five branches in Yorkshire with Christopher Brown Jewellers in York, Shipley and Pontefract and Brown and Gold Jewellers in Seacroft and Batley.

Visit www.brownandgold.co.uk

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