MARCH 2020

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Hello Gary,

I have in good condition a Led Zeppelin poster The Song Remains The Same.

Sorry I do not have an image. Any good?



Dear David,

Thank you for your email. Finding an image of this poster was easy. This particular one sold for £150 but as you can see it had been folded and creases can be seen. In better condition it would sell between £200-250.

 Hi Gary

Its dated 1933 and I have had it all my life passed down from my grandparents.

I am 64 so its quite old.

Its got 16 pages and measures roughly 5inches by 7 inches

Kind regards, Stephen

Dear Stephen,

This special miniature edition was printed the day King George V officially opened the new Leeds Civic Hall.

One interesting fact is that they had to delay the ceremony when, in her drive through Leeds. Her Majesty Queen Mary got a piece of grit in her eye. 

Lord Moynihan had to send for urgent medical supplies to the Leeds Infirmary which delayed everything for an hour. The Yorkshire Post reported the King as saying “The root of good government is a live and active civic spirit”

This is an example of a wonderful piece of Leeds history.

It would not sell for a great amount at this time but that does not reflect its importance. The money value of an item is far out weighed by its historical significance.

It is difficult to put a price on this as it really is what a collector is prepared to pay. And if ever you sold it a Leeds auction would be the way forward.

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